Connecting creative entrepreneurs with communities


Our three domains




We envision a world where diversity is celebrated, vulnerability is cherished and disadvantaged groups are strategically empowered in ways that are meaningful to them.

Our mision statement


Help others start their journey


Facilitating new experiences


Strategically assist with development opportunities and connecting you with our network of awesome peoples


Offer support and inspiration


Sustainably share time, space experiences and resources


Are you a?

Start Up/Brand

We can offer media and  business development support and training by putting you in touch with creative experts to help develop your brand.

Community Group

We can programme creative and educational events, days out, workshops and masterclasses for your local group/community centre.

Creative Entrepreneur

We can help you further your services and engage with your target community by sourcing opportunities, curating workshops/content and offering financial support.


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Forever Young Workshop
Forever Young Workshop
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Our Peoples Festival
Our Peoples Festival
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OKD Workshops
OKD Workshops
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GIANT Health Event

Service: Social Media Manager

"Elsie is the star that has volunteered to help us faze out our GIANT social media activity. Thank you ever soo much for stepping in to help... Your proactiveness to help and ability to 'Get on with it' is a real blessing. 

MASSIVE thank you for all the post-event social media activity you helped with. I know it... was not an easy task, but you did it, and because of that you kept our social media presence up, and instigated a lot of post-event social discussions and shares.

I really appreciate how you took ownership of this activity.

From the team, this is an almighty massive Thank you"