Since 2016 Our Peoples have curated and supported a range of local events, community workshops and day trips


All our programmes centre around our three core focuses which are: creativity, development and wellbeing 


Exhibition/Pop Up Shop x OSHUN

In April 2018, we found out that female rap duo OSHUN were coming to London for the first time to perform at Ghost Notes, Peckham Levels. At the time we were working closely with PemPeople who had a creative space there called Ten Point 5ive.


As eager fans of OSHUN we quickly created a proposal to curate and organise an exhibition/popup shop featuring work from London based artists, craftswomen and makers. The aim was to create a safe space for not only OSHUN fans but also for anyone interested in themes of holistic, sensual and spiritual femininity to have the opportunity to interact with the specially curated crafts on display.

We also hosted an interview and OSHUN meet & greet which was filmed and later turned into a documentary by GUAP magazine. Click here to read more

The event was a huge success with lots of new connections, interactions and relationships being developed between the amazing women who had their arts and crafts on display and all those who attended. The full programme lasted over three days and included the initial launch party, the meet and greet, an art workshop and a take-down creative jam. Take a look at the pictures below and check out the work on display

Ten Point 5ive x PemPeople

In January we began the exciting journey of working with PemPeople who had recently acquired a new creative space at Peckham Levels. From exhibitions, to workshops the Ten Point 5ive creative space transformed itself multiple times over the span of seven months. 

During out time at Ten Point 5ive we helped to curate a week long series of workshops for the local community during the Easter holidays. During that time we had the great opportunity of collaborating with local organisations and facilitators to create an engaging, creative and fun filled week. Check out the all the content via the awesome website we created for the Ten Point 5ive creative space here

Also check out the short video we made capturing our time working the awesome Nicholas Okwulu, Founder of PemPeople and Ten Point 5ive

Forever Young

Getting older can be quite a frightening and isolating experience, suddenly all the people you grew up with aren't around anymore and you can no longer do all the things you used to be amazing at. That's why we were honoured to have the awesome opportunity of curating and delivering workshops for the Hackney based, over 50's club 'Forever Young'. 

Since 2017, we've run a range of workshops including a Black History workshop with Michael Muhammad, elder brother of Andrew Muhammad, also known as 'The Investigator'; and art classes with art group OKD.


 Passionate about creating memories that last we helped the members create a range of pieces such as art books, group biographies and tote bags that they each got to take home.  


To help 'Forever Young' raise funds for more trips and workshops, Our Peoples agreed that we'd sell and distribute some of the amazing books the Forever Young members created with 50% of all profits going back to the club. Check out the books here, with a sneak preview of the books and workshops below!