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Our Ppls Book Club

Updated: Jun 13

When minds voluntarily meet to discuss higher thought and wisdom, I'm sure heaven smiles...I like the idea of heaven smiling and so we started a book club.

This book club however, is not for those who simply desire titles under their belt. No. This book club is for the most diligent inquirers who seek not only to read, but to learn, grow and develop.

You see for us, books are like mini workshops, with the author as our lead. Thought by thought, chapter by chapter, we seek to uncover the true meaning and message of our chosen books. I mean, did you really read a book, if you simply recited the words on the page?

No, lets converse with our books, unravel and challenge them. Create visions in our minds and imagine the worlds of which they speak, and then...only then can we say we have read.

This isn’t just a book club. This is a workshop. A space created for intentional development, using select literature as a point of reflection and higher conversation.

You are welcome.

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