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Supporting India through the Coronavirus Lockdown

Updated: Jun 13

The Coronavirus Pandemic has completely shook the world and the global economy. For the general public that means many people have been laid off work, are facing eviction and are currently counting coins until another source of income arises.

The same is happening all over the world and countries/communities that rely on face to face interactions for survival are suffering the most. So why have Our Peoples decided to set up a fund in India?

Back in 2013 we spent 5 months in India volunteering in local communities to provide health care to some of Kerala's poorest communities and it was there we saw how greatly many people relied on the kindness and generosity of others. Additionally we were also on the receiving end of such massive displays of generosity and have since developed an ongoing relationship with its people.

That's why when we heard the country was on lockdown and realised the impact that would have on the poor we decided to send over a £200 relief fund to help pay for food, water and other essentials. We were able to do this thanks to the support of our dearest friend Anish Kumar, who has worked hard to bring these resources to local people in need.

Anish was our guardian angel in India and today has proved to be such a trustworthy, reliable friend. For anyone who works internationally, you know how important it is to have local people on the ground who you can trust.

Check out the impact your donations are making!

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