Adinkra Affirmation Cards

Adinkra Affirmation Cards


Challenge negative thought patterns and affirm your way to greatness  with the Adinkra Affirmation Cards! 
The Adinkra symbols are Ancient Ghanaian symbols, also described as visual parables, that each represent different meanings, stories and values!

Include the Adinkra Affirmation Cards in your morning meditation to help set the tone for your day and keep you focused, optimistic and energised. Or include them in your evening reflections to help you ground yourself with loving, caring thoughts. 

Great for the family home or to give as a gift, you can't go wrong with these cards. 

  • Each pack features 58 Adinkra symbols with a simple but powerful affirmation on the back of each card to help make your daily meditations that much more meaningful!
  • Ayo Early Years aims to fuse art with ancient wisdom from around the globe in an effort to keep alive the importance of heritage and culture in today's generation