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How to Smash 'The Blue Creator Fund' application with Founding Partner, Mayowa Quadri

Updated: Jun 13

Chelsea FC and Chelsea Foundation, in collaboration with VERSUS, are bringing back the Blue Creator Fund to empower the next generation of creators.

Five UK-based winners from underrepresented backgrounds will be awarded £20,000 in funding for their creative projects. All artistry is welcome: whether you are a musician, content creator, poet or playwright, Chelsea and VERSUS want you to bring the story of Chelsea and our community to light.

It's been said that funding applications are a unique art form that require a specific formula to crack the code! Therefore we reached out to Mayowa Quadri, founding partner of The Blue Creator Fund on how to best apply! Read on for the exclusive scoop!


What kick started the program for you?

I was fortunate to have assistance when wanting to enter the creative industry. BCOMS helped me understand that I had the skills and VERSUS have me and opportunity. Not everyone has that and the space needs more diverse minds. I wanted to make sure that others could feel the feeling I get to feel at work.

What has been a significant piece of feedback/impact you’ve heard of from previous participants?

The two winners Becky and Xaymaca both expressed the notion that they would have never thought they could one, create the projects they wanted to and two, have the backing from a massive club like Chelsea and a brand like VERSUS. It's enabled them both to dream and deliver. Not just them, but the amazing individuals who aided them and therefore had access to industry through their projects.

What are you looking for in future applicants?

Wild creativity. The application is intentionally broad. Not only to aid interns of accessibility, but it's a blank canvas. Creativity means so many things to different people. The whole concept is to bring those vivid thoughts to life that may live inside one's mind. That idea that you write down at midnight three years ago and it's been stuck in your notes app. That vision that was inspired by someone else's creation that you've been itching to give a modem twist. I want boldness and expression.

What makes an application stand out from your perspective?

For me personally, it's the link to the community. Whilst this is about enabling someone to express themselves creatively, it's also about connecting with the community and enabling a community of creatives to also be a part of something. I am here for great ideas but here for greater impact.

What are the things applicants should be mindful to avoid when applying

The hardest thing about creativity is often painting a picture for others to understand. This is a blank canvas. Applicants should try as much as possible to take the audience and reviewer of the application on the journey too. As it's in your mind, explain it so it enters someone else's mind with clarity. Alongside this. What is you "why". Why is this creating needed. Why does it mean so much to you. This is super important

Applications are now open and close on the 26th of June - Apply here

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