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Smash your 'One Month Mentors' application with Shanice Mears

The Elephant Room and Clarks are back with another round of their creative development program 'One month mentors' with additional support from @wingstopuk. The time around they're centring applicants from the LGBTQIA+ community.

The aim is to support those who want to develop personally and professionally by providing an intense one-month programme, filled with speakers, workshops, tasks and more specific 1:1 mentoring with senior professionals, all of which who are also from the LGBTQIA+ community.

We caught up with Co-Founder of The Elephant Room Shanice Mears for more insight on why they started the program and tips on how you can smash you application! Read on for more!

 Why is the program important and impactful?

One month mentors is about making sure people feel like they have 4 things in particular: Access, Support, Community and Strength. We all need those things in some way or the other. We want one month mentors to feel like its something they can always reference whether that be because they got an opportunity, met someone, heard or saw something inspirational, maybe even just gave them more self awareness. That's why we need programmes like these, a reminder to self that you don't achieve success alone.

What has been a significant piece of feedback/impact you’ve heard of from previous participants? 

Where do I even start, I think the best description I've heard from our mentees is that it has been transformational. Which for me is such a powerful word. The programme is what you make of it, and I mean that literally, if you put your all in you will get all from it. I also think that it's also a testament to the sometimes untapped talent that is out there. We have had people commissioned from our partner brands, offered jobs and endless stories of how people have found new networks, new job techniques, new profound relationships with their mentors.

 What are you looking for in future applicants? 

I love individuals who are passionate, proactive, present and they feel as though they are ready to learn. Those that want to continuously level up their network and their abilities are unafraid to be taught and most importantly ask questions and lots of them.

 What makes an application stand out from your perspective? 

All the applications are so different and we also have our mentors apply which I think differentiates from other programmes where mentors are pre-appointed. For us we want to get it as accurate as possible. So be honest and clear, being clear about your interests, career goals and what you are already doing is imperative. Have examples or share inspiration that can also give perspective.

 What are the things applicants should be mindful to avoid when applying? 

Don't use generic language and remember you're not applying for a job so outlining all the great things about you is good but outlining the things you want to work on and learn is equally as important and highlights great self awareness.

 And any other insight you may have that we can share

Best type of person who applies for OMM is prepared. Prepared to listen, research, work, build, open up. Apply now.

The deadline is Monday 24th June 2024

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